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Technology Recommendations

The following are only recommendations for your schools purchase, that our ITS Team in South Gate has compiled from our experience providing support.
  • B&W Laser Printers are usually the best value for longevity and replenishment.
    1. Inkjet printers are very inexpensive and usually print in color. Unfortunately they are prone to drying up and no longer working after not being used for a long time. Printing with ink is also more expensive to print per page compare to a laser printer.
  • Any HP printer in which their model # ending with an "e" (eg. HP LaserJet M209dwe), they won't work well within our LAUSD network.
  • Printers with ethernet ports are preferable.
  • Abbi Robots do not work well and are very expensive for what they do.

Vendors for tech purchases:

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